Open Well Sets

Delite Pumps:Manufacturer & Exporter of Submersible Pump Sets

Openwell submersible monoset pumps are the products of the expertise gained from over Two decades of experience, endurance and workmanship.

DELITE PUMPS products are engineered to perfection with utmost care and stringent quality control at all stages to ensure a trouble free service.
Power : 0.50 to 12.5 HP
  • Wide range of technically upgraded models of “DELITE PUMPS Super Series Opewell Sub Monoset” have been very well accepted in the market and have been appreciated for its Aesthetic look.
  • Easy availability abd Durability.
  • These Openwell Monosets pumps are ideally suitable for where there are wide fluctuations in water level.
  • This works under water and it rests at bottom of the well.
  • Hence, suction and priming problems do not arise. Pump volute chamber is designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency.
  • Dynamically balanced impellers offers vibration free operation with long life.
  • It is mandatory to install a DELITE PUMPS Standards Starting & Controlling Accessories (Panel) for all single-phase pumpsets.

Pumped Liquids
* Clean, thin,Non-aggressive, Non-explosive,Clear,Cold, Fresh water without Abrasives.
* Solid particle or fibres shall mean the water having the following characteristics.

* Domestic
* Agriculture
* Fountain
* Garden
* Drip & Sprinkler irrigation
* Industries
* Civil applications

Special Features
* Energy-efficient (higher discharge at low cost).
* Designed to Operate at low voltage conditions.
* Fully Power coated.
* Sand Resistive.
* Special Bearing Bushes.
* Double Counter Bearings.
* Easy Handling & Installation.
* Most suitable for Domestic & Agro-Industrial Applications.
* No need of Pump house.
* Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor.
* Can be easily repaired.
* And many more.
Domestic Single phase Openwell Sets
Three Phase C.I. Body